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Tasty n Sons in Portland, Oregon

Foods shows continue to influence me the same way television commercials influence children of all ages.  When a food authority starts to talk about how good food tastes at a particular restaurant, I can’t help but plan to make it my next meal.  Sometimes these restaurants are local, and sometimes they require a plane ride but this particular place was only a three hour drive from Seattle.


Introducing Tasty n Sons, a restaurant located in Portland, Oregon where morning comfort food is served at its best.  Street parking is available and to my knowledge is free (or at least we didn’t get a ticket).  We arrived on a Saturday morning at around 10am, right in the middle of their morning rush.  It took a little maneuvering through the crowd to get to the host who happily told us it was a 45 minute wait.  What?  Forty-five minutes?  Oh well, we sat for three hours in a car so what’s another [relatively] few minutes?


There is little seating while you wait, three chairs and a bunch of steps.  It was basically standing room only.  After our meal I discovered the local shopping on the other side of the building which could have kill time while I waited.  There is self-service coffee available which will gladly be added to your bill when you’re seated.

The restaurant is long, very busy and very open.  The kitchen is visible, so you can see the line cooks just hustle to get the morning crowd fed.  There is a big communal table up front, so you might be seated with a bunch of strangers.  Counter seating is available at the kitchen and small tables line an entire wall with benches and chairs.

Service is relatively quick.  We were informed of the “we serve family style, our dishes are meant to be shared, are placed in the middle of the table and come out at different times from the kitchen” which is code for:  we don’t know who ordered what so we just bring your food out as soon as it’s ready and have you and your party duke it out.

Memorable dishes included the Chocolate Potato Doughnut with creme anglaise & the Breakfast Board full of fun little breakfast bites.











Most, if not all of their food ingredients are locally sourced.  There is a chalkboard that lists their suppliers.


Ok, it may not be fine dining, but it was pretty darn good food.  If you’re in the area, or are crazy like me and would travel for a meal, this place is worthy of a stop.

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