Luc Restaurant, Seattle WA Mystery Meet


Seattle foodies unite!  The first Seattle WA Mystery Meet occured on January 15, 2013.  Ten adventurous diners met at Luc Restaurant in Madison Park.  The “mystery” was that no one knew where our Mystery Meet would occur – not until 24 hours before the evening of our dinner.  We were only given the following clues:

  • Eastsiders, you’re Good To Go to this restaurant.
  • This neighborhood is named for a park.
  • Nice hat.
  • Named for the father.
  • Son of Vader.

Turns out that of the ten diners, only one of us has had the pleasure of dinning at Luc’s.  The rest of us were first timers.


Luc is located in Madison Valley.  It’s a casual American-French cafe/bistro restaurant that offers great food in a comfortable environment.  The quality of the food is above average just like its parent restaurant next door, Rovers.  There is ample seating, and a well appointed bar to quench any thirst.

We all had plenty of time to mingle and I met everyone at the table.  There was interesting conversation throughout the evening with a chemist, real estate agent, student, operations managers, florists, fitness instructor, photographer, investigative reporter and me the blogger all at the dinner table.

The evening of our dinner, we had a table all set up with a special menu just for our Mystery Meet.


I personally enjoyed an appetizer of smoked trout salad, frisee, arugula, blood orange with creme fraiche, followed by my entree of chick pea, picholine olive tagine, saffron cous cous, m’hamsa, fall salad, perserved plum and for dessert the chocolate caramel cake with whipped cream.





Service was fantastic.  Food was delicious.  Conversation was engaging.  Company was warm and inviting.  We had a special appearance by The Chef In The Hat, Chef Thierry who greeted Mystery Meet diners.


Thanks to all who participated in this Mystery Meet.  What a fun and successful evening.
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