Dining Out: Koral Bar & Kitchen, Bellevue WA

Located on Bellevue Way at the bottom of the Hyatt Regency Hotel lies Koral Bar & Kitchen Restaurant.  It’s in the former 0/8 space and has been taken over by the owners of Pearl Bar and Dining just down the street.

Lots of validated parking in the garage gives you easy access to this restaurant.

Dining on a beautiful summer evening, I noticed a huge crowd at the restaurant across the way.  Several outdoor diners enjoying the weather seemed to be popular.  Not so popular at Koral, as we were the only diners in the entire restaurant.  I guess good weather demands outdoor seating.



The restaurant is on the dim side.  Décor was a cross between old/rustic and current day judging by the reclaimed table which seemed to be a former barn door to the candles that offered a hint of illumination.  Adding the stemware and formal place setting it was quite the pleasant combination.
I can’t quite put my finger on the menu, as it offers an array of food choices that I would call it an eclectic selection of different dishes sure to please everyone at the table.  From fresh fish, to bone marrow, to meat loaf, to burgers I was pulled in several directions to make a decision.

My one and only visit was with a large party.  There were seven of us and our service was attentive and prompt.  Luckily I dined with folks that love to share, so we got to sample several dishes off the menu.

We ended the meal with no dessert – just marginally content finishing a good meal.

What we ate:

FRIED CHEESE CURDS – think of mozzarella sticks in smaller pieces.  This would be good with a beer (which I don’t drink).
BONE MARROW – the highlight of the meal with two well-seasoned bones, two pieces of grilled toast and a parsley salad.  I would have liked another piece of bread.

CHARCUTERI BOARD – Nice selection of meats along with pickled veggies.

CESAR SALAD – That was my main dish.  If you like your Cesar dressing on the creamy side, don’t order it here.  Their interpretation is more of a vinaigrette based type dressing  (IMO).  The salad is finished with a fresh grating of parmesan cheese and a rustic house made cracker.

HAMBURGER – with two patties this burger is tall and huge.  My son said it was a fork and knife burger. The pretzel type bun was very evident.

MEATLOAF – served with mashed potatoes and carrots.


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