Issaquah Coffee Company, Issaquah WA

I rarely end up in downtown Issaquah, but if I’m there and looking for good coffee I head to Issaquah Coffee Company located on the south part of Gilman Village.  Proudly pouring Stumptown.  There is a large parking lot and relatively easy access.

Free wi-fi, lots of seating and a good cup of coffee makes for a great hang out.  You’ll find lots of families, especially on the weekends.  They close early (7 weeknights, 6 weekends) so don’t come if you’re looking for an after dinner something something.

Ample selection of coffee shop quality pastries, including gluten free (provided by Flying Apron).  You’ll find your usual selection of espresso beverages including some blended selections.

My beverage of choice:  Tall, 3/4 full americano….that’s it.

Issaquah Coffee Company on Urbanspoon


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