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Revel, Seattle WA (Fremont)

I can only vouch for their brunch – which I’ve enjoyed several times.

Revel is led by husband and wife duo Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi.  I first learned of them and their sister restaurant Joule on the Food Network’s Iron Chef America where they battled Iron Chef Garces.

Located in Fremont where parking is tough but so worth the effort to have a delicious meal lies a small entrace to Revel (with their neighboring bar right next door, Quoin).  Tables are first come, first served but reservations are accepted for parties of 6 or more.  There is outdoor seating with comfortable heat lamps to counteract the tempermental Seattle weather.

Tip:  Go right when they open or before they close, or you’ll wait.

The space is long, with a visible open kitchen and I just love the seating available right up at the counter (on the other side of the counter is the kitchen).  Every time I’ve been, it’s been busy.  Energy is high, volume is loud and the space is inviting.

The brunch menuis simple, two selections for each type of dish that is offered.  Chef Rachel and Chef Seif have created a brunch menu bursting with asian flavors yet blend with current world cuisine.  Your palate will be excited with the tastes of sweet, savory, tangy, spicy and down-right delicious.

My son enjoyed the two eggs, house bacon, scallion potato hash and toast and said the bacon was “amazing”.

On the lighter side the kaffir lime yogurt, spicy mango, black rice puff and the meyer lemon, rhubarb, candied almond porridgeare FANTASTIC.

For a hearty appetite may I recommend the short rib rice bowl, fried egg, chili chimichurri, arugula or the kalbi burger, bacon, shallot pickle.  Both just bursting with savory flavors.

If you like Asian flavors, you’ll love dining at Revel.

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