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Dining Out: Lot No.3, Bellevue WA

I’m not much of a drinker, but I make up for that in food.  If any restaurant can convert me into a consumer of the spirits, it’s Lot No. 3 located in the Bellevue Towers.  There is free validated parking – so make sure to bring your ticket when you dine.

When you open the big, substantial doors you enter a space with high ceilings, bad aucustics and a dark loft area with ample seating.  There are tables and chairs, sofas, cozy chairs, coffee tables – just about every seating arrangement to suit your dining mood.

The menu is ample, offering lots of pub food and drink but with a classy and upscale twist.  Beverage choices are overwhelming and for this non-drinking foodie I can’t begin to do their drink menu justice.  I do know that they offer house infused spirits, beer, cocktails and anything that will quench your thrist.  If they don’t have it, they can run next door to their sister restaurant, Purple Cafe and get it.

Food selections are upscale and delicious.  I’m impressed that they have taken the ordinary and made it their own.  I’ve been to Lot No. 3 many many times and each visit has been consistently good.  My son loves this place too.

What I recommend:
Pretzel – This is my absolute favorite.  It’s served on a cutting board with a side of housemade beer based mustard.  It has a thin, buttery crust and an inside so soft it almost melts in your mouth but has just enough texture to still be considered a pretzel.  It’s fantastic.
Creamy Tomato Soup – I usually get this and a pretzel and I’m all set.  The soup has a delicious tomato flavor and just enough cream to give it some substance.
Grilled Cheese Sandwich – My son’s favorite.  It’s made with gruyere cheese and caramelized onions.  It’s quite the combination.
Veggie Sandwich – I try to eat vegetarian throughout the week, and this sandwich makes it easy to do so.  Their vegetables are well seasoned and makes eating your veggies a pleasurable experience.
Lot No. 3 Punch – Think of kool-aid, but even better because it’s housemade.  The flavor changes often, so ask your server what’s currently “on tap” so to speak.
Big Piece of Chocolate Cake – Ok, if you’re a chocoholic, this will put your claim to the test.  This is an intense piece of cake that is sure to satisfy a sweet tooth and your chocolate cravings in one dessert.  I was pleasantly surprised!

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