Salt Tasting Room, Vancouver BC


I was given a list of restaurants to try from a friend and foodie (thanks, Matthew B) and with our limited time in Vancouver, I chose Salt Tasting Room.  I managed to look through their website and thought this would be a fun place for lunch and that my son, who loves all types of cured meats, would enjoy.

Salt Tasting Room is in an alley, Blood Alley, and as we walked through I was a little uncomfortable with the several people loitering on the sides of the street.  I said to myself, “I’m not in Seattle anymore.”  There was a small entrance that lead us to Salt, a dark intimate space that seemed more appropriate for the night club scene.

We were seated immediately and handed menus – but there was a great big menu displayed at the end of the room.  A big black board which described the days offerings.  “Fresh” is what came to mind, as their selection of meats and cheeses change with availability.

The menu wasn’t complicated, just pick your meats, your cheeses and your sides (condiments).  However, with over 30 meats and cheese to choose from, we were overwhelmed.  We asked our server, Genevieve to help us out and to surprise us.

Wow, what a great lunch.  We were presented with two wooden boards, which included a selection of four meats, two cheeses, and six condiments.  With a basket of fresh bread and crostini we enjoyed artisan deli meats and cheeses.

I noticed that their menu included a small selection of salads, soup and sandwiches – none of which we ate.  We were content with the meat and cheese board thoughtfully selected by our server.

This is a great place for a bite to eat.  I’m sure this is a great place to drink with the large selection of wines and spirits – but we were on our way back to the states and drinking and long distance driving to mix well.

A great find.  A unique and innovative dining concept that makes this a must in Vancouver (BC).

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