Chef Naoko Bento Cafe, Portland OR

I am not sure how we ended up at Chef Naoko Bento Cafe in Portland, but I’m sure glad that we ate there.

This Japanese restaurant serves natural and organic cuisine. I’m not familiar with any Japanese restaurants that proudly displays where they source their ingredients, or make an effort to locally source.  That’s so Portlandia!

We arrived right when they opened.  We ordered at the counter and were presented a number to place on our table.  Seating is very limited, with a few tables outside to enjoy the Portland sun.  On the table, there is a copy of Wabi Sabi, The Art of Everyday Life to entertain you while you wait for your food to be delivered to your table.

Everything we ate was fabulous!  The freshness of the ingredients really stood out. Presentation of the bento boxes were very nice and pleasing to both the palate and the eyes.  This restaurant is a refreshing change of pace from the traditional Japanese restaurants and cuisine you find at every corner.

Anything you’re going to order will be delicious.  However, try the Yaki Onigiri which is a grilled rice ball, covered in a soy sauce-ish drizzle that is so comforting to eat.

Note: Metered parking can be challenging. No sushi here. Be prepared to wait.

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